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Insurance Plans Honored by Hand Surgery of New Jersey

This list represents many of the insurance companies, managed care companies and employer plans that are accepted at the Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation Center.

Please contact our office if your plan is not listed below.

  • Aetna Affordable Health Chokes limited benefit insurance plan (SRC)
  • Aetna Choice P05 (Aetna Healthfund)
  • Aetna Choice POS II (Aetna Healthfund)
  • Aetna Elect Choice (EC)
  • Aetna Health Network Only (HNOnly)
  • Aetna Health Network Option (HNOption)
  • Aetna Healthfund Aetna Health Network Only (Open Access)
  • Aetna Healthfund Aetna Health Network Options (Open Access)
  • Aetna HMO
  • Aetna Indemnity
  • Aetna Limited Benefits Insurance Plan (PPO)
  • Aetna Managed Choice POS
  • Aetna Open Access Elect Choice EPO (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Aetna Open Access HMO
  • Aetna Open Access Managed Choice PUS (Aetna Health Fund)
  • Aetna Premier Care Network (APCN/APCN Plus) - MC & EPC
  • Aetna Premier Care Network Plus- Virtua
  • Aetna QPOS
  • Aetna Select
  • Aetna Whole Health - Virtua - Elect Choice
  • Aetna Whole Health - Virtua - Managed Choice
  • HSA - AetnaHealth Fundi® Health Savings Account
  • National Advantage Program
  • Open Access Aetna Select (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Open Choke PPO (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Savings Plus of New Jersey Choice POS II
  • Savings Plus of New Jersey - Open Access Aetna Select
  • Savings Plus of New Jersey - HMO/HNO
  • Traditional Choice (TC)
Medicare Products
  • Aetna Medicare Plans (PPO, HMO, HMO Open Access)
  • Aetna Medicare Prime (PPO, HMO)

AmeriElealth New Jersey

  • Regional Preferred (EPO), (EPO H5A), (PPO),(HMO), (HMO+), (POS), (POS+)
  • National Access (EPO), (EPO HSA), (P0S+)
  • Local Value. (EPO), (EPO HSA) (HMO), (POS), (POS+)

ArneriHealth Administrators

Independence Blue Cross:

  • Keystone Health (HMO), (POS), (PPO),
  • Keystone (65), (Select)
  • Personal Choice (EPO), (EPO HSA), (PPO)

Independence Administrators

  • Open Access Plus
  • CIGNA Choice Fund Open Access Plus
  • GWH-CIGNA Open Access Plus
  • Shared Administration Open Access Plus


  • Network POS Open Access
  • Network Open Access - self-insured only

HMO Open Access

Direct Access Products

  • Horizon Advantage Direct Access
  • Horizon Direct Access
  • Horizon Direct Access Value
  • Horizon Direct Access Value Select
  • Horizon Direct Access HSA/HRA
  • NJ DIRECT1525
  • NJ DIRECT2030
  • NJ DIRECT2035
  • NJ DIRECT HD1500
  • NJ DIRECT HD4000

EPO Products

  • Horizon Advantage EPO
  • Horizon Advantage EPO HSA/HRA

HMO Products

  • Horizon HMO
  • Horizon HMO Access
  • Horizon HMO Access HSA MyWay
  • Horizon Access Value
  • Horizon HMO Coinsurance
  • Horizon HMO Coinsurance Plus
  • Horizon HMO15
  • Horizon HMO1525
  • Horizon HMO2030
  • Horizon HMO2035

Medicare Advantage Products

  • Horizon Medicare Advantage NJ DIRECT10 (PPO)
  • Horizon Medicare Advantage NJ DIRECT15 (PPO)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue Value (HMO)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue Value w/Rx (HMO)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue Choice w/Rx (HMO)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue Access Group (HMO-POS)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue Access Group w/Rx (HMO-POS)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue (PPO)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue Group (PPO)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue Group w/Rx (PPO)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue Access Group w/Rx Value (HMO-POS) (New for 2019)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue Select (HMO-POS) (New for 2019)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue Group w/Rx Complete (PPO) (New for 2019)
  • Horizon Medicare Blue Group w/Rx Ideal (PPO) (New for 2019)

POS Products

  • Horizon POS

All Savers® Health Plan

  • UnitedHealthCare® Choice and Choice Plus
  • UnitedHealthCare® Core and Core Essential
  • UnitedHealthCare Navigate®
  • UnitedHealthCare® NexusACO®
  • UnitedHealthCare® Options PPO Plans
  • Oxford Health Plans®
  • UnitedHealthCare Nursing Home Plan
  • Erickson Advantage Plans
  • Erickson Advantage Champion/Guardian Plans
  • UnitedHealthCare Dual Complete One Plans
  • UnitedHealthCare Group Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Products

  • AARP MedicareComplete Plans


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