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Non Surgical Treatments

The hand is one of the most flexible and useful parts of our body. The hand and wrist are subject to a variety of problems. The conservative treatment involves use of pain medications and other methods to reduce inflammation and restore normal function. Some problems that affect the hands and their non surgical treatment options include:

Hand Injuries: Hands are more prone to injuries and the problems may include sprains and strains as well as fractures can occur with lifting and carrying heavy objects, operating machinery, bracing against a fall, or sports-related injuries.

Symptomatic treatments include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, immobilization and physical therapy. Most sprains and strains will repair themselves with adequate rest, ice application, compression, and elevation. A splint or cast may be used if the fracture is seen soon after the injury. Severe injuries necessitate surgery.

Arthritis: Arthritis is an inflammatory condition of joints. There are several types of arthritis and the most common type is osteoarthritis or wear-and-tear arthritis. Arthritis affects various joints in the body and the arthritis in hand affects the joint at the base of the thumb. Arthritis may also affect the joints of other digits and the symptoms include swelling, pain, stiffness, and malformation all of which interfere with use of the hand.

Nonsurgical treatment methods for relieving pain in an arthritic joint include activity modification, pain medications, and use of splints, and steroid injections. Surgery is usually considered if nonsurgical treatment fails to give relief.

Congenital hand deformities: Congenital hand deformities are deformities of the hand or any part of hand that are present at birth. Congenital hand deformities may be as simple as digital disproportion or may be the complete absence of a bone. Congenital deformities may be developed because of injury, disease conditions or may be present during birth because of any abnormalities during the growth in womb. It should be treated at an early stage before the problem becomes severe.

Some of the non surgical treatment options include:

  • Limb manipulation and stretching is done to increase the movement of a restricted area to bring back the normal motion by eliminating pain and other symptoms.
  • Splinting of the affected limbs
  • Physical therapy is recommended to help increase the strength and function of the hand
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