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  • Atraumatic deltoid rupture with massive rotator cuff tear amenable to primary repair

    Ruptures of the deltoid muscle tendon are rare injuries that are infrequently reported in the literature. Although these can occur with trauma, prior shoulder surgery or steroid injections, the most frequent presentation of deltoid muscle tendon rupture is atraumatic in nature and typically seen in patients with a history of massive rotator cuff tear (RCT).

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  • How effective (and safe) Is shoulder surgery?

    If your doctor has told you that you need shoulder surgery and you're worried about complications, a new British study indicates you can relax. Only 1.2% of more than 260,000 patients suffered from complications following arthroscopic surgery to repair shoulder injuries, the researchers reported.

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  • Mayo Clinic minute: Researching tennis wrist injuries

    From beginners to the pros, injuries from playing tennis do happen, especially in the wrist. Whether it's the serve, forehand, backhand or volley, tennis puts a lot of stress on your wrist.

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  • Broken Finger

    Finger fractures come in many shapes and sizes. Most finger fractures have simple treatments, while others may require surgical treatment.Our fingers are capable of very fine, coordinated motions, and disruption of this motion can have tremendous impacts on very normal activities such as eating, typing, or tying your shoes.

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  • Why Does My Wrist Hurt?

    Wrist anatomy is complex, and finding the cause of your pain can be tricky. Wrist pain may feel sharp, dull, achy, or like pins and needles. Pain can occur when you bend your wrist forward, flex it backward, put pressure on it, or rotate it to turn a doorknob.

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