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WC Insurance and Billing

Workers' Compensation Insurance

For patients with injuries that are covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance, the Center has a Case Manager to assist you in understanding the responsibilities and entitlements of the Workers' Compensation Insurance system. Cindy Pitzi, our Case Manager is available at 856-983-4263 ext 57149 or 856-355-7149 to answer your questions during office hours.

Billing Policy and Procedures

The Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation Center's professional fees are in accordance with the specialty of hand surgery and reflect the usual and customary profiles for this area.

Billing Procedures

All services will be billed to your participating insurance carrier. If you are uncertain if the Virtua Hand Surgery participates with your insurance carrier, please contact them or our Billing Office at (856) 983-HAND extension 13523.

Thank you for choosing Virtua Hand Surgery to provide your care. We are devoted to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from injuries and disorders of the upper extremity. We strive to render medical and surgical care that is appropriate, timely, compassionate and economically responsible. We strongly believe in great communication and therefore we have created this policy to help our patients understand the responsibilities that they have for the payment of our fees. If you have any questions or problems with our fees or payment processes, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Operations, Gail Wolvin.

Except in certain circumstances, your health insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. It is necessary; therefore, that you take the responsibility for the follow up of a claim with your company if you feel that it is not being paid promptly or properly. We will be happy to provide you with whatever information we can to help you substantiate your claim. However, the responsibility for payment of the bill is yours. We require patients to promptly pay their entire balance presented to them, even if the issue is not resolved. In order for us to file an insurance claim, it is necessary that we be provided with all the pertinent information including the policy holder's name, contract number, group number, claim number and policy number. In cases of workman's compensation, we need the name of your employer as well as the name of his workman's compensation insurance carrier. In compensation cases, it is always easier if we have the name of the person handling the claim. The office requires the WC case manager to contact the office to confirm that the WC claim has been accepted.

This office does participate with the Medicare program. Therefore, medical claims will be processed and sent by the office. It is important that you realize however, that the Federal law requires that patients be balanced billed for the twenty percent (20%) of the allowed charges which Medicare does not pay.

We require our patients to promptly pay their patient responsibility which is an estimate of responsibility based on the information received from their insurance company. Payment for your responsibility is due at the time that those services are provided to you. We expect that all balances we present to you at a visit will be paid at the time of the visit unless other arrangements have been made. This includes items like copay amounts, program deductibles, earlier balances that remain unpaid and balances for services that we believe are not covered by your insurance or are your responsibility to pay. We also present balances to you by a statement via mail following a visit. If we do this, we expect that each statement balance be paid in full. This can be done by sending a check, going on the patient portal and paying via credit card, or contacting our billing department with your credit card information. By accepting our services, you are consenting to receive these communications.

We recognize that sometimes financial hardship may be a problem and we will offer payment plans for patients with certain financial issues. Please contact a Patient Account Representative in our Billing Department to discuss this.

Ultimately it is your responsibility for the balances for all services performed and failure to make a payment or set up a payment plan could result in your account being turned over to collections. It is important that you discuss financial problems early in the course of your treatment in order to avoid any issues which may occur.

Click for a list of insurance companies in which we participate.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please do not hesitate to speak to a Billing Representative, Ivonne Acosta Customer Service Manager 973-405-5846

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